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  1. Thanks Hotfoot. I clearly misread the map on the site (which is correct). So excited for Sunday!
  2. I had so much fun at Sonoma this week that I've signed up for this upcoming Sunday at Thunderhill! 😄 I have a question about which side of THill we'll be riding. The "track specific data" page on the site shows a map of the East side: https://superbikeschool.com/the-curriculum/track-specific-data/#jump12 But I found some recent youtube video of a coach and a student riding on the West side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjBaRV6Rjz0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kge28R-eqIo Which side will we be riding on this Sunday? Thanks!
  3. I was at the Doc Wong/Keith Code clinic at Cañada College in March, and based on my experience there decided to finally pull the trigger and will be attending CSS at Laguna in June with a co-worker! I've been riding for awhile, got the track day bug recently, and am looking to improve all aspects of my riding. I'm curious what is recommended as prep to have the best CSS experience possible, should I have the book 100% memorized and already be very familiar with the particular track (as there are lots of track maps and on-board videos from past students online), or is it better to com
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