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  1. Excellent, thank you for pointing me to the chapters.
  2. You are right - but only partially I think. Lateral forces are not big, however you are potentially under full throttle. So question is, how much more force tire can handle. On video I've posted in time 1:27 it's not visible very much, however that corner is even "over horizon". So in the middle of the corner you are lean, under throttle, and lighten. By default I'm pretty defensive so in reality with my FZ8 with smooth throttle I'm safe. However I would rather not highside at 130km/h 🙂
  3. Hi all, what is the best technique to go through very long fast corners. Full throttle and cornering doesn't look like best idea (I would expect something like higher risk of highsider), however I'm still a novice, and maybe with given lean angles and this is not an real issue. To be more concrete please check this video from Most circuit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJjI5ltEFiI there are at lest three such corners - time 0:34, 1:00, 1:27. (This is not my video :-) Thank you.
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