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  1. Excellent - I will look these up. Is it safe to say that I can use my knee as a lean angle gauge and if I touch and am still running wide that I've just got too much speed for the corner?
  2. Sorry I never got notifications for these replies but this is exactly what I needed so thanks tremendously!!
  3. Hi everyone - super beginner question: in the context of trail braking and lean angle: as you start to turn in and you start trailing off the brakes, is it safe then to add more brake pressure if you realize you're too hot into the turn? I ask the question assuming the answer is "yes to a degree" but it allows me to ensure we're on the same page for my next question. This is my question: if you turn in and realize you're going too fast so you add some more pressure, what option is left if you're still going too fast and now you're leaned pretty far over and know you can't brake too much m
  4. Well like I say in my original post, I accept full responsibility for my crash and I am not blaming anyone. What I am trying to say is that there should be more guidance on how to properly ride with no brakes, especially on a bike that in 3rd and 4th gear will do 135mph. Clearly I know fire burns, but perhaps I don't know that if I lean my bike too far the peg will catch and cause me to low side? Was I not there to learn how to properly ride? I saw multiple guys out there that didn't even know what counter-steering was and were literally learning it for the first time so "common sense" apparen
  5. So I attended the level 1 school at Barber a couple days ago and during the second track session I low sided. My bike was almost going to be just fine until it hit the grass and flipped, pretty much destroying the poor girl. I wanted to share why I crashed, why I think the exercise of "no brakes" is bad, but also why it's good. Lastly I wanted to share so others can learn from my depressing experience. For starters - I'm 100% fine. Leathers did their job, took all of the abrasion damage and I walked away unscathed, and sad. Here's what happened: I went into turn 5 with too much
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