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  1. Anyone going to do CSS level 1 at PI with me on the 17th? Pretty sure I can find a buddy to go together sice it's fully booked 😁
  2. I find clutchless downshifting to be a lot easier and smoother than using the clutch as the bike will auto blip (rev) to the exact rpm to match the speed. Haven't tried it in the higher rpm ranges at the track yet but hopefully will be the same (won't harm the bike) as I can put my attention into more important things like braking, throttle control and my line.
  3. Hi, New member here, from Melbourne. I have been riding for a few years and recently upgraded to an R1 after owning two R6s. Just booked the CSS level 1 at PI next month hoping to get faster and safer on the track ! Here's my baby
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