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2 Day Camps In Europe?

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Hi guys,


I'm planning on taking Lvl 1&2 next year. Ideally, I'd sign up for a 2-day camp since I'm planning on renting bike/gear anyway.

Looking at the 2008 schedule, the only 2 day camps are located in Spain.. That's a bit too far away from Norway IMHO :)


I got three questions:


Are you planning on any 2 day camps in Europe next year that are NOT located in Spain?


Are you planning on any activities in Norway or Sweden next year? ( Hey, I got an idea! What about a 2 day camp somewhere in Scandinavia! :) )


And finally, if I attend a CSS class in Norway or Sweden, will the CSS instructiors be there? Or will the instructors be "local racers" that aren't otherwise affiliated with CSS?



EDIT: I called the office and had my questions answered. Admin can delete this post.. :)

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