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Css - Do It! You Won't Regret It!

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Couldn't sign in the guest book! So registered to say what I wanted to say, but in the Forum!


Level II 28th May 2008


I thought this was worth a mention!


Soon after completing level 2, I did a bit of an all girlie tour on the bikes with some mates around Europe and caught the MotoGP in Catalunya whilst there. I believe having done the superbike school, it saved my life!!


A mere second of play on the road (come on...who doesn't occasionally with their mates :devil: ...!?!!) ended up with a traffic cone tumbling towards me head on as I was going a sensible 60mph :eek: (strict french speed limits :mad: !). The counter steering I had learnt and picked up in level 1 allowed me to have a quick response manouvre that had me and my beloved bike avoid the cone with only a clip to the rear tyre! The clip given to my mate's lid was a bit bigger mind!!! However think she was punished enough with her bruised ankle.


The country and coastal twisties were heaven :D . Level 2 made it better!! What was really noticeable after having learnt about peripheral vision in Level 2 was the fact that I did not have to miss the surrounding scenery whilst trying to concentrate on the road. I would've otherwise missed half the holiday on those twisties! And it's true!!! The road does open up!!

I even taught my girlie mates a thing or two about corners (even using the same hand signals for 'your turn to follow me!', keep up, chicken wings, turning points, throttle control and looking ahead!!!!). They loved it and the big smiles on their faces at the end of the day showed they learnt a thing or two with a few more chicken strips gone! I sort of know what those coaches feel now when they see how much their students accomplish.

So thank you again California Superbike School for making my holiday even better, making me a more confident rider and well yes...also for saving my life :-) !!

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