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Michelin Tires

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Here's a question for the masses. I use Michelin's on my Honda F4i track bike. I tried Dunlops, but just like the feel of the Michelin's better on turn in's and the stability they seem to give me. I was wondering if anyone else is running Michelin's and if so, what type and what combination are you using? S2's, M2's, H2's front and back or a combination of the two. I know a lot of this has to do with the track, temps, riding level, etc. Here in the Northwest, our tracks run from fairly smooth at Portland International to choppy and inbetween.


Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.




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I started with the H2 combo and found at least on the big track at willow springs that the rear did not hold up very well and the front liked to push just a little more than i like. the michelin guy sugested the S2 front and M2 rear for that particular track. At fontana the M2 rear felt like it broke out easier than the H2 but was very ride-able. I like the S2 front regardless of track. It is all personal taste but I felt more confident on the michelins in comparison to the D207rr that I replaced.

on a side note the michelins tend to be very presure sensitive and do not warm up well when street rideing.

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