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Levels ?

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I am wondering what ar ethe differnet levels ? I am looking to get in to the April calss out at the streets of willow.


i am trying to figure out what level I need to start at ? I would assume that Level 1 is the place ? but I am not sure, any help would be great.

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I just got back from a class at Sears point with CSS and I'm pretty sure that if you haven't already been to one you should start at 1. I don't think the levels have to do with your skill. The way the school is from what I understand, is the levels are very structured and the previous level is needed to keep with their teaching process. I was very impressed with how well I improved in level 1. I had read and reread and reread and am still reading Keiths books but the class and the drills give you something tangible that you can work on and improve. Thats my two cents anyways.

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Anyone and everyone starts at Level 1. :)


As 'xtrmln' correctly states, the levels are structured, so everyone starts at Level 1.


The good news is, once you do level 1 in the USA you can (if you wish) do the other levels in either Australia and/or UK Europe. The same applies to students that have done any of the CSS schools worldwide (we have even done schools in Malaysia and Philippines).



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It goes like this-- all first timers with CSS, regardless of skill go to level 1. You do a day there and then you will be level 2 automatically the next day. You do the level 2 day and then next visit you are level 3. The reasoning behind this is that the drills are sequenced and it's hard, if not impossible, to do the drills for a certain level if you haven't done the previous levels.


Everyone goes through this- regardless of experience, skill or bike type. No-one skips a level and I don't personally recall anyone being held back- I don't think it happens unless for some reason you don't complete the day. If you did Pocono you could do Levels 1 and 2 on the 2 days in the spring session- if you came back in the fall you would then do levels 3 and 4 over the 2 days. It's that simple. If you do the 2 day camp it follows the same principle- it's just that the student instructor ratio is improved as there are less attendees. You get more time to listen, ask, practice and improve!


Most every person appreciates the drills as they are presented- they get you to approach corners in an organised, planned way so there should be no surprises. Start day 1 with the basics of throttle control -- when and how to turn it on, then into some turning exercises on and off track ( in the parking lot, ususally).


Hope that helps. See you at Pocono



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