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Using Your Own Bike Questions

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Last week I purchased a 2002 BMW R1150RT (with only 4900 miles! poor thing never got used, I feel like I rescued it, heh) after riding my first bike, a 2003 Shadow VLX, for 14k+ miles. A totally different type of ride! I am interested in taking the classes for use on the street, not interested in lots of track days or racing (although I'm sure others had the same opinion *before* taking the class...) I started riding for the first time about 9 months ago. I commute to work on my bike (52 mile round trip commute), and it is my primary source of transport, and the RT is great for that and also recreational twisties. I would like to learn how to maximize the RT's potential, right now the bike can handle more than I can and I look forward to that changing. Due to time and financial constraints will be next year before able to do the class, in the meantime will take the MSF ERC class locally. Just giving the above info so you know where I am coming from with my questions.


I would love to take the Level One course with my RT with it in the same config and with the same cargoes I would have in it for my normal type of riding. Would this be wise to have the hard bags on it and fully loaded while doing the class?


I'm also tempted to take the fairings off for the course, just in case. Although that would change the ride quite a bit I would think. But they are expensive to replace. Which leads me to my next question...


Does normal motorcycle insurance cover accidents while participating in this type of school? Gonna call my agent tomorrow and ask, but curious what the norm is. Do you offer short term insurance for my bike while riding in your course? I saw you have it for your bikes.





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Chris ,


you do need to ask your insurance agent. some riders have claimed and have had their claims honored but I don't think that I would just assume it to be true for all companies.


you could take off your bodywork if you think it will help. sometimes the bodywork helps to protect the bike in a crash but you know what--you don't have to crash the bike at all.



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