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Got A 4th At Palm Beach International

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May 25th

Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter, FL


The Way to Happiness Racing Team, sponsored by The Waterin' Trough Dance and Saloon and Dunlop Race Tire Services, had its best finish in the hotly contested Unlimited GP race Monday at PBIR. Greg Gorman, rode the Corsa Motorworks prepared 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R to an impressive 4th place in treacherous track conditions. The track was mostly dry but had several streams of water in key acceleration and braking areas.


"Just riding in those conditions isn't really a problem. Racing in those conditions is another thing entirely. In the hard acceleration and braking areas of turns 3 and 4 there were multiple streams that forced you to really get the bike upright for braking. You had to wait to turn the bike really late where the dry pavement was then you were still uncertain if the tire would grip. Turn 6 was the worst though. It had multiple streams from the beginning of where you'd normally brake all the way to the apex. And then in turn 8 there was a single stream about a bike length in width right where we were accelerating for the back straight. Each time through the whole bike would just move sideways. I really have to thank my team, Susan, Chrissy, and David, for their hard work this weekend. Without them this would be almost impossible."


The races started with the Sunday night GTO race in which Greg had a race long battle with Christopher Boy for 7th place. Greg finished 8th but was officially 7th as the winner, Barret Long, was disqualified due not having a transponder on his bike.


"That was a good race with Chris. I'm really disappointed I didn't get around him but he got the job done and I didn't. Next time."


Next time came on Monday during the Unlimited Supersport race in which Greg finished 8th.


"Well, I got past Chris in turn 10 and then I missed turn 1 and Chris got by. I was intent on chasing him down but in turn 4 there was a crashed bike, a rider on the ground and a corner worker nearby signaling for an ambulance. I was expecting a red flag and slowed down slightly. Next lap, no red flag, bike and rider are cleared. I came close to catching Chris in traffic but again, didn't get it done."


Greg also finished 5th Unlimited Superbike.


"I got a good start and was riding hard but the lap times just weren't there. I was getting into the 1:20s but not into the 19s or 18s like I need to be. This track requires a different bike setup than Homestead or Jennings and we haven't quite found it yet. We're getting closer as the laptimes are more consistent but not quite there yet."


The team will race again at Homestead-Miami Speedway on June 27th and 28th.


The Way to Happiness Racing Team is based in Clearwater, Florida and sponsored by The Waterin' Trough Dance and Saloon, Dunlop Race Tire Services, and Corsa Motorworks. Find out more at http://twthracing.org

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