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Race Report

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Hi All


I went to CCS at the Streets this last weekend mostly to attempt to defend the track record I set in November and to get some practice in the Kawasaki money classes for the CCS Vegas race at the end of April.


I did OK in practice and was cutting good laps but Jason Pridmore was out with the No Limit Formula Extreme bike and was under my record of 1:19.5 with a 1:19.2. It was the session after setting that time that he high sided in the bowl turn (8) and hurt his shoulder and leg. That was the start of a torrid pace that clamed many over the weekend.


Sunday morning we got one practice and then had to qualify for the unlimited GP. I got the top spot with 1:19.7, the only 19 of the weekend so far other than Pridmore?s.




The first race was GTU. I was using my take off?s from last months WSMC that had two races on them, thinking the pace wouldn?t be too quick. That soon changed as there were several riders who were lapping in the 20?s and I had to ride hard to stay close to the front. I took the lead form Nick Moore after the half way flags and gapped the pack for the win.




The next race was GTO. I got off behind Brian Whitlock and was following him when the red came out. We did re-grided restart and I got off in third with Tristan getting past me into one, Nick Moore, and Whitlock leading. We had spent some time on the grid ( 20 min.) and I was worried about the tires being cold so I spent three laps of the five lap restart following in fourth. On the third lap I got by Tristan and then Nick and Brian on the next lap for the win.




600 Superbike was the next race and the first one I used new tires, the new 17? slicks. I got off in second behind Nick Moore and followed him for the first lap and then I decided the tires were good to go and passed Nick. That second lap was the fastest lap of the weekend and a new track record of 1:18.767. I was able to cruise to the win.




The next race was the Unlimited GP and the big drama of the weekend for me. I got off in third with Sanders leading Whitlock and Jensen following me. It started in the bowl with Whitlock spinning the rear all the way around and the bike hooking to the inside in front of me. We were all only a few feet apart to start with. I missed Whitlock?s bike by inches and Jenson told me it was so close it scared him too. I got out of the bowl in second behind Sanders and coming onto the front straight the red flag came out just as I saw a bike crash at the edge of the track in front of us. It was Catching?s bike, he had high sided coming out of 9 and his bike had gone over a hundred yards just rolling through the infield. Catching was hurt and took some time to get him settled and off the track. We did a full restart with Tristan getting the hole shot and I followed him for two laps until he crashed going into turn two. Right after taking the lead I saw that Justin Filice had crashed in the last turn and it was the first time I just wanted to pull in and be done with a race. I managed to keep it together and went on to the win With Nick Moore just nipping Jenson on the last lap for second.




The last race was 600 superstock. I got off to a good start and was in the lead by turn two and put what I thought was couple of good laps in only to find Nick Moore on my tail. He was hounding me trying to make a pass and in fact bumped me twice. I knew he was hard on tires and may fade towards the end of the race, I also knew that at 16 I had the edge in traffic and that would is what ended up making the difference. He wasn?t able to make a pass at the end of the back straight and couldn?t slow by the time he realized it, running off and handing me a big lead that I held to the end for the win.




Five races and five wins with the outright track record. I can?t imagine a better weekend.








Will Eikenberry WSMC # 87 CCS Pacific # 63






Thanks to all who helped me, Keith Code and the California Superbike School, Kawasaki, Dunlop, Silkolene, AGV Sports, KBC Helmets, Lockhart Phillips, Sharkskinz, Elka Shocks, GP Suspension, Factory Pro Tuning, Graves Motorsports, Ferodo, Mackie's, L&L Motorsports, Pit Bull, Yin's TKD, Stompgrip.

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Great job Will!


By the way, did you see that Nick Moore is headed to British Supersport for a couple races?



Thats great. he sure does ride hard if not totally in control. He reminds me of Tony Meiring when I first saw him road race.


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