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Tires Do Make A Difference

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Motorcycle-USA reviews of Q2




Details: Amazing charts and graphs 1.3 g's





Various Tire Reviews (Qualifier)




PS magazine tire comparison, May 2008

Note that in this tire comparison even the tire with the worse lateral grip is pulling 1.2 g's of turning force. The winner pulls 1.27 g's of turning force and stopping power. Not bad for street sport tires [on the track(?)].


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I put a set of Qualifiers on my street Ducati and my only question was why I waited so long to do so. These tires offer exceptional grip and inspire confidence in a way I have never enjoyed on the street. I have been a Dunlop 208/209 track rider for years but I was stunned to find that same level of grip and responsiveness available for a street/track tire.



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