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I Want To Attend The School

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I have an idea of what they offer at Level I from reading magazines and other forums. I'm wondering, should I bring my own ZX6R 636, or should I use the one at school? I'd have to tow it there by U-Haul truck which I'd hate to do, but it may be worth saving about $200 for using the school's bike as well as the $750 deposit in case the unthinkable happens. Except, I'd hate to crash my own bike.


I understand that no one rides to the limit in Level I so should I be concerned about crashing? Have many people crashed during Level I before? If you're all wondering why I'm concerned it's because I've gone down before on a tight, sweeping corner... of course, I was riding pretty fast.


Also, what sorts of goals can we expect to achieve in the first level? Is body positioning taught at this stage of the learning process? I'm just very anxious and becoming impatient with myself because the class I plan on attending is in June at Willow in Southern California about an hour away from me.


What are the benefits of bringing our own bike and the benefits of using the school's bike? Also, I do plan on doing track days in the future... should I invest in my own suit or use the school's available suits in the first class?


Sorry for all the questions, but I'm pretty ecstatic about finally getting on the track.

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I'll give you my perspective on your questions:

1.) Bike - Mine v. Theirs: Since you own the same model as the School's, it really is a toss up. The tie breaker here is tires. Unless you have tires as good as the Dunlop 208's on the School Zx6R's, the school bike would be my choice.

2.) Limits - I have seen Level I riders blow away Level IV riders and vice versa. You will be coached to ride within your limits yet brought along in a controlled manner. Don't be preoccupied with speed (or knee dragging), focus on their training and the rest will fall into place.

3.) Goals - This one is tougher because until you are in School, you have no reference point to establish goals. YRMV but I was surprised (and hooked) by my Level I experience. I don?t recall what my Level I goal was in 2001 but what I can tell you was that I left Watkins Glen that day absolutely stoked.

4.) Leathers: If you plan on staying with this sport, you will need to invest in your own leathers. Since good suits aren't cheap, consider renting the School's leathers for your Level I course so you can see what track riding is all about. If you take to it like most everyone else has on this list, then take the plunge.

I hope this helps and good luck in June.


Kevin Kane

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Thanks for the response. That has made it much easier. I will have BT012SS tires on tomorrow, I bought them in big time error thinking they were OEM. At least at had them at a HUGE discount, $107 for the rear, so it wasn't so bad. The reason I thought they were OEM were because it said BT012 and the price - so I kinda guessed. It turns out they're very sticky tires and probably won't last many miles, which is rather disappointing.


At any rate, they may be good in June and they may not be so I'll have to weigh using the school's bike very heavily. As for leathers, I guess I can use the school's. I don't plan on crashing so I'm not too concerned about the deposit but if it happens, it happens.


Thanks again. As soon as that tax refund check hits my mail-box I'll be trying to reserve a spot. If it's full, I'll go in October.


Take care.

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Guest Guest_Blue636

Dang, the classes I wanted were full! I hope some clear so I can get in off of the waiting list! Otherwise I won't be able to go until October and that's about the time my second child is due so I'm not quite sure how it will work out. I'd hate to be on the track while my wife is giving birth!

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