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1g Club Article In Motorcyclist Magazine By Keith Code

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Hi Guys,


I just wanted to say that I read the 1G club article by Keith, in the November issue of Motorcyclist and loved it. It reminds me of something Keith mentioned, at a school day, about guys like Melandri who had raced the 125cc and 250cc GP classes where they got accustomed to the 45+ degree perspective from quite early on, hence have a kind of advantage over the others. I am curious though about the photo of Elias because my personal opinion of his riding style is that he is not "with" the bike as much as the other MotoGP riders, mainly because his head stays close to the bike. I wonder if this is why the picture of Elias was used? Also there is a mention of the steering drill and the 25 correction points, but I was only told about 1 (not to crash!). Is it possible to go into more detail about what these 25 points are? That would be great!





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Hey Sof, do you have the mag still? I have to admit, I'm intrigued and I'd like to read it!


Yeah Man. When I get back, you got it! I asked Keith yesterday about the photo of Elias though, and he said he didn't even know about it. I guess the editor put it in there.

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