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High Speed Corners


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I'm bummed that I can't make to the School at Blackhawk Farms and I have a question regarding high speed corners.


At Barber, my first track day, this started to happen, then again on a short, local practice track; and with Brainerd in my future it could be dangerous if unresolved.


I seem to be fine getting into a high speed corner if I have the whole track to work with and cut to the inside edge. I drift to the outside and then set up for the next corner.


What I am finding is that if I misjudge the corner or have to enter wide to pass another rider I start to go wide and I feel like I am pushing against a brick wall to get more lean to make the corner. It's almost like I don't have enough lean and I can't find more. More counter-steering takes a lot of effort (the wind pushing my arm back doesn't help) and doesn't get me where I need to be. I'm hesitant to roll off the throttle in these corners, so that may not be helping.


At one point I actually went off the track and slowed the bike enough to scare, but not hit the corner workers (I don't think they expected a bike to go off on the straight).


My initial thoughts are that I am not looking far enough ahead for the speed and turning too early, but that doesn't seem to be the cause - it could be.


What do you find to be the common errors for a turn like this, which should be simple - most just require a steady throttle hand and big stones?



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Where you are looking could be an issue but it sounds more like you are tight on the bars ( pushing or pulling on the opisite bar to negate the steering force). If you are locked on the bike with your legs any steering input should create an instant effect.


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Tight on the bars sound about right. I've had to pay attention to that on straights when I am trying to will more acceleration by twisting the throttle harder - it completely messes up shifting, clutching, braking, etc... If I stay back in the seat most of those problems go away, but I usually concentrate on that more for a tighter turn entry coming up - just can't turn worth beans if I'm tight on the bars.



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