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? On He Lean Bike.

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I'm doing the level 1 class at Barber over Labor Day weekend. One of my fears on the street is leaning the bike over too far (I ride an FJR 1300).


At the level 1 class, will we get the opportunity to use the lean bike?

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Level 1 students get to do the steering drill, but not the lean bike. You'll need to stick around for the next level to get a chance on the lean bike, but the skills you leanr in level 1 will definitely help you be more comfortable and confident leaning the bike.


Look forward to seeing you at Barber!

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I can relate to the "Fear" of leaning over further than what my confort zone allows, I went on a weekend ride up north close to Oregon with a new buddy and a few of his friends. I ride a gsxr 600 and I saw guys riding touring bikes leaning more than I was. Some one said to "TRUST my tires" and it made me realize that this part of my riding does evoque some ringing SR's and I've been working on controlling these more and more, to the point that is my primary goal at this point.

I feel that mastering your cornering techique (of course not exclusively) is key to riding at an advanced level. It's all about increasing my confidence for me and of course practice, practice.

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