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Should I Ride My Bike To The School?

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OK, my trailer had been used and I didn't even know it. Now it's over 800 miles away.


U-Haul and just about anyone else is going to cost upwards of $160 because I live about 85-90 miles from the track so that $0.99/mile thing is going to really eat up cash on top of the $20/day they charge. Class is this Saturday and this is really bugging me now.


Any other ideas? I really don't know anyone that can lend me a truck for Friday night and almost all of Saturday and my friggin' Toyota doesn't have a tow-hitch!


If worse comes to worse, I'll just have to ride my bike to the hotel tomorrow night or ride it to school Saturday morning.


Any suggestions or possibly other trucking companies (U-Haul, Ryder, Budget, etc... all of them price nearly the same) or rental places you can all recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Blue 636,

If you are planning to ride your bike to the track, I'd highly recommend you ride to the hotel Fri. night. School starts early and will wear you out. If you ride up on Sat. you'll be getting up earlier and already have riden 90 miles! Make sure you get gas before you get to the track.

Have a great day at school!



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Thanks, I thought about doing that but didn't want to risk a flat tire or any other incident. Luckily, the school allowed me to use one of their bikes at the last minute (I called this morning) so I'll be driving to the hotel tonight and riding the school's bike tomorrow. Now I'll just have to be extra-super-careful so I don't crash or anything! ;)


See you all there!

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