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Inde Motorsports Ranch.

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This place is SICK!!! It was so insane doing elevation changes for the first time. If you live anywhere within a few hours of here, you've got to make the trip. I didn't do very well, and plan on going back lots to learn this track. I can't believe how awesome it was.


There is one corner that has an uphill capped by a 28 foot drop into an increasing radius. I never got it right. Tried my butt off, but no line worked. I didn't get to watch Chris Peris take the corner because when I was working, I was in a simple corner. It was this places first trackday, so the track is still smooth and in really good shape. I think the owners are going to keep it up. They're junkies, and seem dedicated to making it work.


Great couple of days, and it was run by TI2TT guys. I'm so glad aztrackday didn't get Inde. They wouldn't have made it such an awesome time. We got more time on the track, and they were really clear to the riders. The control riders were designated to stop and help. Aztrackday has a guy on a scooter who runs out to the crash and helps you up. The track can shut down for something simple.


This is taken from my friend. I had some pretty poor lines, but there is no way I'm not going back, so I'll be able to work on it. Firebird is going to have to do something great to keep people coming back. With that and Chuckwalla opening within a 4 hour drive, they're going to see a sharp decrease in riders. There were LOTS of Firebird riders out there who've committed to going back.



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