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High Siding

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I have a question about what seems like a contradiction in A Twist of the Wrist II (TWII) regarding the elimination of high-siding.

On page 9 of the book, it refers to Doug Chandler turning on the gas in a slide to eliminate a massive high side.

On page 15, under the subject: Slide Insurance.....it says the best insurance against more sliding or a highside is simply to stop rolling on the gas so that it will come back into alignment.


I am confused. Please explain the reasons for two different


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choping the throttle during a rear wheel slide will activate the ejection seat (high side). Throttle control is the answer, it shifts the weight to the prefered 40/60 set up. TW2 tells us this is accomplished by about a .1 to .2 G acceleration.


getting greedy with the throttle may break the rear loose. My understanding is that the steady rolling open of the throttle should then just be slowed a bit. That is that you keep rolling open just not as much or as fast until the rear wheel RPM and the tarmac feet per second are the same Maybe it is a mental thing about fighting the SR's. Chopping the throttle isn't the answer to any of the problems so we set our mental state up to think more throttle, maybe softer or lighter but still more. There is a significant difference between rolling on / pausing the roll on (holding at the same throttle position for a moment) and rolling off. SR's tell you to roll off, and that is what needs to be avoided.


More throttle in a slide will prevent a high side, may cause a low side but it will prevent a high side


Hope this helps and I got it right



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