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Quick Questions For Uk School (silverstone)

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I did level 1 and 2 at Rockingham at the end of 2002 (so long ago! http://www.autoitscript.com/superbike). I've not been riding much in the last couple of years due to work/travel/whatever but have now starting riding more often and getting all that two-step goodness working again :)


I'm thinking about retaking level 2 at Silverstone in May/June and just had a few questions (I've already spammed Bullet on messenger about other stuff but don't wanna hassle him too much) :)


When I did level 1 and 2 in 2002 I came on my own bike and from what I remember 90% of people there seemed to do the same - I think that bringing your own bike was even encouraged IIRC. The bike hire for the school R6 looks pretty reasonable cost-wise (even with the deposit) and I'd guess it's similar to ride to my CBR600RR or my old GSXR. So I'm actually leaning towards hiring a bike this time. With a early start to drive to Silverstone coupled with a full day of learning I remember that I was shattered riding home last time and the prospect of a 2 hour ride in the British weather after a hard day is...well...meh... Reading some of the more US located posts seemed to say that due to fueling/spares/potential of own bikes breaking down/etc that it was actively encouraged to hire a bike instead - not sure if it's the practice in the UK though.


So, money aside is hiring a bike an acceptable/recommended thing to do this time around?


Leathers. I've got a set of 2-piece alpinestars leathers that zip together and are very comfortable for me and also a nice back protector - are these acceptable or does it have to be a 1-piece?



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Hi Jon

Money aside you will have no problems with the hire bikes, they are maintained to a very high standard. If you are a bit rusty on drills my advice would be to hire a bike and not have the stress of getting your own one there, leaving you more time to focus on getting more out of the training. It also makes for a more relaxing drive home in the car


Leathers - yep you will be fine with a 2 piece.


Let us all know how you get on



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