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Hey From Downunder

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Hey guys,

I'm Tuney from Brisbane, Australia. I thoguht I'd join up for some tips on how to get faster on the track. I'd love to do the Superbike School over here, but I am coming over to the states at the end of the year and thought why not do it in the US instead biggrin.gif


Anyways a little about me. I'm a poor 21 year old University student. I gave up road riding 6 months ago, because I was getting myself into too many accidents on the bike doing silly things through the hills. I was thinking of racing this year, but I decided I will be going over to the US at the end of year, pending I finish my degree this year for four months of road tripping snowboarding heaven. If i have the funds, I might even drop by and do the Superbike School biggrin.gif


Here is a picture of me, with my FZ6 Cup track bike



I have a vid up for anyone that feels like critiquing it. This was the second time I rode in 6 months, and first time on the GSXR600. Any idea why my rear end is squirming so much from the throttle? Rebound too low?




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Welcome Tuney!


I watched your video and there's certainly something if not many things not okay on your suspension. To tell EXACTLY what is nearly impossible without being hands on and there are considerably more experience 'tuners' in the world than me. ;)


What I did see, is your front end seemed stiff even after a while when the oil had a chance to heat was softer, but still seemed stiff. At the same time, I saw when you got hard on the throttle the rear of the bike squatted a lot. This is really unusual and really makes me think it's possible you're riding almost if not entirely on spring only in the back which would support the squat on throttle and the rear 'squirming so much'.


So in a nutshell, you REALLY need to set sag and try to get the front and rear dialed in from there, IF you can. There are SO MANY things that could be causing your problems, the shock could be shot/bad values, or just tired oil, or just simply not adjusted properly. The spring could be wrong for you, your weight...etc, setting sag will likely show this. Again...there is a lot of possiblities. :unsure:


Again welcome, hopefully I was a little helpful. :wacko:

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I will try set it all up for the next track day. I only got the bike 3 weeks ago, and was really busy so never found the time to do the sags. I fiddled around with it a little bit at the track, but thought why not just ride it lol. I seemed to do ok, I used to road ride pretty aggressively and weren't really phased out about the squirming and all that.


But I will definitely have a look at dialing it in properly though, because I want to get significantly faster. Do you reckon I am smooth on the throttle or a bit choppy?


Side note: I do however have a spare set of forks and shock with racetech internals, which are set up for my weight and may help. But I'll stick out with the bog stock stuff first :)

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