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It was brought to my attention that there is many people looking for help and suggestions regarding different suspension issues here in this forum. Our company does alot of work with the school and we have a close relationship with a few of the instructors. Last weekend at Willow, I talked a bit with Will about all the suspension questions here on the forum and he suggested that we jump in and do what we can to help out... so here I am.

I will visit this forum about once a week as time allows to be of any help that I may. It may be of use to visit our site at www.gpsuspension.com and have a look at our tuning guide. When you post questions, please try to give good information. That would be things like information about yourself including your weight, bike description, do you use the bike for track days, racing or street riding. When you describe symptoms, it is most useful if you describe what is happening with the bike in respect to what is "loading". For example, are you entering a corner, are you in mid corner, are you exiting under acceleration.....

If you need to, please feel free to give us a call, you can find all of our contact information on our web site.

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