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Cartridge Emulators

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Hello, I have a street bike which has been used occasionally for the canyons here in L.A. and I am dissatisfied with the fork action. My street bike is a 2003 SV650S and as some of you might already know, the stock suspension is the one of the reasons why the bike is so inexpensive. I was thinking about a heavier spring rate, heavier fork oil (what comes in it from the factory is 5wt, believe it or not) and I've heard about cartridge emulators.


I'm not quite sure exactly what the emulators are and what they do but can someone please explain it to me? Thank you.

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Cartridge emulators do exactly that - emulate a cartridge fork.

Racetech make them.

It's basically a valve that goes into your fork so you can control the compression damping by preloading the spring on the valve.

The beauty of this system is the compression and rebound can be tuned seperately.

You tune the rebound by choosing the right weight fork oil, then you tune compression by setting the preload on the valve.

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Hmm, sounds like too much tuning. Figuring how lazy I am maybe I'll just pay someone to do it for me, that way I don't screw it up.

It's not a big deal to change them and you most likly will not feel the need to if you have Race Tech set them up for you. They are more than happy to help if you do want to change latter though.


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