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What Is The Purpose Of The Bmw Bp2 Sport?

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I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't understand why BMW makes the $25,000 BP2 Sport AND the $15,000 S1000RR. I love the traction aids on the new 4 cylinder superbike, but think the BP2 is delightfully funky. I just wouldn't spend an extra $10,000 on one. Is there a certain race class or clearly defined market for the funky Super Boxer?

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Did you mean the HP2?


The HP2 has carbon fiber body work which I'm sure is a huge chunk of change. This sounds expensive too "MotoGP-inspired cockpit that computes lap times and other racing data."


I have no idea what kind of market that bike is aimed at. I have to admit if I had the extra money I'd probably buy one though :lol:.

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Yes, Dave. I DID mean HP2. Thought I had typed that. Darned oil company must be taking over my brain!


And you know what, I'd probably buy an HP2 also. The reviews I read said the bike was very light but very stable at all speeds, not that it was hard to turn, but that it just felt solid, light and very comfortable. Comfort is important to me. If they made a Goldwing race bike, I'd probably put that in my dream garage too!

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