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Hello everyone my name is Harry and I live in Las Vegas and just joined the forum today. I got back into riding about a year ago after being away from it for 25 years (long story) when I purchased my friends Road Star Warrior. I'd like to be a lot confident with my riding, particularly my cornering. October 28 will be my 54th BD and there will be a 2 day course here and I'm hoping to be able to make that work out. Never been on a race track and my experience with bikes other than cruisers is zero. I'll look through the posts and see if there is any advice to get my skills up and am reading Twist of the Wrist II now.

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Hi Harry,


Welcome to the forum. I hope you find enough inspiration to encourage you to keep looking to develop those skills, even at your age. You're never to late to learn my friend.


Have a look around, perhaps ask a few questions to the crew and the regulars here, and no doubt you'll be regular here too soon.


Keep us posted on what you learn, and how your progress goes.



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You're right down the road. That's pretty cool. I didn't know about the school when I lived in Vegas. Would have liked to have known. Would have been really helpful. There are also a few tracks pretty close to you. A couple of different Vegas courses, one in Pahrump. Chuckwalla is just over 3 hours away, and that track is a trip. Welcome to the forum.

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