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2011 Plus School Details

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I am budgeting to be able to do a 2 day CSB School next year.

I've narrowed it down to a Las Vegas Classic Course or Miller.

I'm leaning towards Miller.


Which Miller course is used for the 2 days schools ?

East or West, noting I doubt it would be the Perimeter course.


Can you wear your own gear for the 2 day schools ?

I don't mind riding someone else's bike for a school, but I sure would like to be in my own leathers, helmet, boots, gloves, chest/back protector than someone else's.

More for the familiarity than anything else, although helmet fit is a major point for me.

If you can wear your own gear, are there specifications that have to be met in order to be allowed to wear it at the school ?

I have good stuff, although my Shoei RF900, while only 5 years old to me out of the box, is a Snell M2000 vintage design. (It fits my head, stays out of the sun when I'm not riding and we don't have an ozone problem here. I don't want to replace it yet ! )


Please advise,


Sandy Sutherland in Calgary Alberta Canada

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