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Hello From Virginia

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Hi All,


My name is Chris, a.k.a. Gonzo, and I have been riding for 18 years, all street, not even a track day, on both a '77 Honda CB750F2 and '78 CB750K8. I came to the forum because I intend to attend the May sessions at VIR and this forum is probably the quickest, easiest way to get my questions answered. I am awaiting delivery of my first modern bike, a Thunder Grey S1000RR, and I want an education for both street and track days so I don't kill myself or others!


Good to be here,



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Hi mate,


welcome to the school forum, great to have a new recruit. Nice bike the S1000RR, a real missile with manners, a very fine choice indeed.


Hope you'll stick around, post some questions and see if you can improve your knowledge.



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Hello! Leave it in "rain mode." It's still got tons of power, particularly coming from your older 750's. The brakes are tremendous; take your sweet time getting used to them. Remember to relax; that's one issue I have to work on everytime I ride. The relaxation is about having dropped elbows, though I do apply pressure to the tank with my knees quite a bit. I have a Triumph Sprint ST, with updated suspension. It's a fine bike, and is more capable than I am at this time. The BMW is superb; a whole different level of performance. I opened one up on the straight at VIR and it just hurled me down the track-this was in "rain mode." You would have done fine going to a modern 600, and gained power and capability, but the BMW gives you some nice flexibility that they don't have.

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