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Race Report

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High all


I just had one of the best race weekends of the year though it started out very off on Friday morning when I just couldn?t get my timing together and made some very big mistakes almost running off the track three times. It was very hot between 100 and 105 all three days. My plan was to go and test DOT set up and right off the bat that went out the window. After talking to Dennis Smith about the tire I had been running we figured out the 640 is too hard for me and that is the reason I had been searching for traction the last two months. So I was going to back to the 758 but didn?t have any used tires to test the theory and I couldn?t buy a new set just to see.


Then the first gift of the weekend, due attrition and my results I got the honor of testing the new Buffalo 180 rear for Dunlop. It is different from the UK tire and took some setup to adjust to the 180 size as all I have run lately is the 190s. By Saturday afternoon I was going good on it (low 25s) and decided to race it in 750 superstock.




The 750 superstock race has become a battle with more fast guys coming out and a fourth in June and third last month after winning all the others shows it. I got a typical start of eighth into turn one and got up to third by turn three behind West with Kieffer leading. I could tell West was going to go by and I got right up on him but couldn?t get by too. On the third lap we were all still together and I was still looking for a way by Kieffer when my shield was suddenly covered with something. I knew it was coming off Kieffer?s bike but I thought it was oil, it turned out a rock had punctured his radiator. He went into three and it came around almost to the lock and punted him out of the seat. He got it back together but that and the little bit of gap I gave him was hurting me and letting West get away. Coming out of six the same thing and up went his hand. West had about two seconds in hand and I was only able to pace with him doing a 24.1 in the process. Second is a good result for sure and not being able to see out of my shield or windscreen I was happy just to finish. The new tire is great and at about 270.00 a set will be a big hit.




Next up was 750 Mod Prod and I was out for blood. I got a good start for a 750 race of fifth into one and fourth into two. I went around the outside of Stearn and just as I was about to go around Munoz he darted out to try and outside move on Eaton. It was too cool, I went to the inside of him and then the out side of Eaton and was side by side coming out of two. Eaton decide to try and keep me behind going into three and just about did, his 750 negating my drive and we hit the brakes side by side. He started to come across track into me before we got to the turn and I let off the brakes a little and dive bombed three. It worked, and going onto the back with enough of a lead that I never heard or saw another rider the rest of the race. My best lap on the slicks being a 24.3, slower than the new DOT.




F-40 was more or less a race to see how far up into the first wave I could get before the flag, I won.




F-2 was the first race I would have to go up Palazzo, he separated his shoulder last month and no way did I think he would be able to race let alone do well. Boy was I off as he won both 600 races going faster than I had gone doing some 23s. Also Lane who beat me on 650 superbike last month. I got off in second to Carnabucci and was going to go on the outside of him going into two when Palazzo shot by on the outside and I set up to go under him. That didn?t work and neither did the other two attempts before I went around him on the inside of nine. Palazzo had already gapped me big, about two seconds and I knew he could do faster laps than I had so I decided to wait him out and see if his pace fell off in the closing laps. NO, he is the man. He rode in excruciating pain in oppressive heat and my hat is off to him. I got second.




650 superbike was the race I really had my sights on. I had some handling issues with the slicks and I made an adjustment to the front tire pressure and the rear rebound as well as fitting a 758 in place of the 640 I had used in the other three races. Siglin had told me wouldn?t be out but appeared on the pre grid, Lane who had nipped me last month was there but Palazzo had opted out as he already had max points for the weekend with three wins. Off we went and Carnabucci for the third time on the day shot out into the lead with Siglin and I trailing. I wasn?t too pleased with the moves that Carnabucci had put on me in F-2 and decided to show him with a very close outside pass in two, just enough to get his attention. I caught Siglin into three and tried to go by down the back straight but he motored me bad. I set up and went around him on the outside of nine but he just blew by on the front straight before the strip, ouoh. I stayed with him and on the second lap going into eight I rode right around the outside of him and burned it through nine to try and gap him. It worked and going onto the straight for the cross flags I had two seconds in hand and continued to walk away for the win. The changes worked great and though I don?t know how fast I went the last laps of the day were definitely my fastest. A guy came up to me after the race and told me that siglin had 127 horse motor in that race and the way he came by me after I had just passed him I can believe he had a lot more in hand than the 112 I tested last month in the heat.






Will Eikenberry WSMC # 87 CCS Pacific # 63






Thanks to all who helped me, Keith Code and the California Superbike School, Kawasaki, Dunlop, Silkolene, AGV Sports, KBC Helmets, Lockhart Phillips, Sharkskinz, Elka Shocks, GP Suspension, Factory Pro Tuning, Graves Motorsports, Ferodo Brakes, Mackie's, L&L Motorsports, Pit Bull, Yin's TKD, Stompgrip.

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