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Zx12r-tire Question

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I did 2 track days at mid-ohio and I want to do it again in september. But I need new front and rear tires (still have the stock ones on which is 200 rear :( ) anyways I wanted to try the pirelli Dragon SuperCorsas front and the rear 190/55/17 . What do you guys think, would that be OK on the zx12 (03) or not? which should I choose



or any other brand or softness combinations????????

Getting a lot of miles isn't an issue here, I just want something that is better....


please if you have any suggestions, do so....


Thank you very much in advance

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You mention that you did two track days and are planning two more but you didn't say if your ZX-12 is also used on the street. If it is, you may want to consider Pirelli's Diablo Corsa's instead.


I have Michelin Pilot Race (Super Corsa equivalent) tires on my track bike and my street bike but I realized it was a mistake putting thm on the street bike. It is harder to get racing tires up to temperature on the street and I was losing traction as a result. They also don't last very long.


I recently put Michelin Pilot Sports Cup's (Diablo Corsa equivalent) on the street bike and I feel as planted there as I do on the track. They also have more cuts in the pattern so they will be better in the rain. I would also happily take these tires out on any track as the grip is that good.


Many of the Track Control riders in Team Pro-Motion use Pirelli Daiblo Corsa's as they have track grip but last a lot longer. The Corsa's will also cost you about 50 to 75 dollars less than the Super Corsa's per set.


...just one man's opinion. Good luck.



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For the track, try the new Bridgestone 002's. I used them on my ZRX and they held great and I push the heck out of it!! Less expensive than the others by about $100 and I'm sure will hold as well. Less expensive doesn't mean less hold or wear all the time. Soft front and med rear. You might get 2 days out of them, but the difference is how you ride the bike. Some use the Diablo Corsa's and get 5+ days but we both have heavy bikes and they seem to eat them up a little more. A couple of the guys I've talked to say the DC will start to push the front end if ridden too hard. Your choice.. ;)

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