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Returning For Levels 3 & 4 & 4 & 4

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Had such great advances and just a completely awesome time doing levels 1 & 2 last year that I am returning for Levels 3 & 4 and then level 4 & 4 this year, LOL. Signing up for Streets of Willow Springs March 26 / 27 with a few buddies of mine. Then returning with another riding partner for April 23 /24 to further work on skills.I am doing the Arroyo Seca race series this year so need all the help possible. I don't expect to have the same progress as the last time but have found that the more opportunity I have to practice what I have already learned the easier it gets and the better I am. Biggest problem I have now is keeping it reasonable when doing the canyons around here, I have talked to too many LEO's in the last 3 months , LOL !!!

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Welcome. I'm doing the same dates levels 3+4 also. I live in Gilbert and still haven't gotten to do Arroyo with Inde and Chuckwalla having opened. Hell, I don't even think I've done Firebird at all in the last year. Inde has become my home track. You racing amateur or expert? I know a couple of people in both groups. This site will help also. Good people who are very helpful. Good luck.

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