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My Bike Or Theirs?

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To all those who had Level I,

I'll be attending Level I in the spring. I've been a street rider for about 3 years and, after recently discovering this site and reading the posts, I realize I've been doing a lot of things wrong. I have a cherry Ducati 996 and am conflicted over riding this at the school or renting one of the Kawasakis. Any Level I'ers out there who rode their own bike and wished they'd rented or vise versa?


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This a frequently asked question that gets a number of different responses so I can offer you only my own perspective.


Without any forethought to this question and with real curiousity about riding a 996 on a track, I took level I on my 996. I did a little damage to it at the end of the day when I clipped a couple of cones with my turn signals (both broke off at the stem). The thought of damaging it had never really occured to me before so it made me think that I didn't want to risk any real damage to it at future Schools.


I took levels II & III on the School's ZX-6R's and they are awesome bikes very well prepared with Dunlop 208's that grip like a shark's bite and brakes that will stop you on a dime.


The difference (for me) between riding a lighter, in-line four v. a much heavier L-twin was, however big enought that I decided to throw caution to the wind and took Level IV (multiple times) on my Ducati. But that's just me...If you are going to be wound too tight on your Ducati that it holds you back, I would recommend that you ride the School's Zx-6R.



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Thanks for the response. I guess having to be liable for $750.00 on the Kawasaki along with the $200.00 to rent the bike, I'm probably going to be a little nervous on either bike.

I'm glad to know that you've had experience on both the 996 and the ZX-6R. I'll take your word for it and rent the Kawasaki, at least until I feel comfortable using the Duc.

Thanks again,


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