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Suspension Setup

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Hi, I'm kinda new here. But, are your settings stock? If not, then I'd return them to stock first of all. Then start increasing your rebound damping - one click at a time. Go over the same turn with that bump and feel it out.


So, if you feel a wallowing in the front end make adjustment to the front end. If the instability makes you feel like you have to muscle the bike through the bump then make the adjustment to the rear shock.


Does that make sense to you?




BTW, your description sounds more like low speed damping than high speed damping. I have a Penske shock with lo/high compression damping and rebound damping adjusters. Personally, I've only found the need to play with the lo/high adjuster when I have rear end chatter on braking.

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While I respect what everyone else has said here, I am truly amazed at the information. Setting your different rebound and compression nobs will do absolutely NOTHING for you if your sag is not properly set. Setting sag first is the most important thing you can do to your suspension before anything else, I believe. I like 35mm front and 30mm rear, I think it's a good place to start.


You can set your rebound without riding, either. Just by pushing down on the tail or forks and watching the bike rebound, making sure it doesn't top out and bounce again or that it doesn't rise too slowly. What you want to look for is that it bounces right back up and stays there without any extra oscillations.


As far as compression goes, I've read it can be personal taste.


Read this link I'm going to post very well as everyone here knows that a key to a "fast bike" is not necessarily horsepower alone, but suspension mostly.



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