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Level 4 Silverstone May 24

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I've learned more about riding a bike in the last year since doing the schools than in the previous 30 years. I felt pretty confident before, I even did pretty good club racing in the early 90's. Riding on instinct and faith most of the time I could get by but never really knew how it did it and probably explains why I hit a plateau. The schools fix this by putting science into your riding. I wish I knew then what I know now.


As you know L4 personal coaching. My main problem while riding is I feel different on a bike turning left than right (more comfortable in rights), I corner ok but feel less relaxed in lefts. Anyway the guys highlighted these faults and we worked on a program to fix them. i.e. Body is in correct position and locking onto the bike. The coach's also noted I used too much track and we worked on vision and attack angles to get me hitting the right spots and get quicker with less effort. Thanks Spidey, Johnny and JET.


Although I now have plenty to work on, I now understand how it should feel while hanging off in both left and right corners and how to optimize cornering. I got what I came to achieve.


Schools are run to a very high standard, I have only done UK schools but I'm sure these standards are globally universal. I know you are still recovering Andy, your team do you proud and the school is in good hands, wishing you a speedy recovery.






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