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Sweet Cheeks

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Ok I need to have a discussion about my butt :P I have been through all 4 levels now, one of the responses I recieved from coaches on a regular basis while on track and while practicing on stationary bikes off track was that I was either to far off the bike (too much cheek) or not not off enough (not enough cheek)


Most of the coaches "say" they hang about 1/2 cheek off. I would imagine this means the seat is dissecting your butt cheek about 50/50 down the middle. However in practice I see many advanced riders and coaches hanging a full cheek if not more off the seat-the seat's edge essentially lining up with the butt crack. :blink: they are still maintaining good body position otherwise i.e. not twisting their body and neck/head incorrectly. So all joking aside this seems to be a case of "do as I say and as I do" I'd like to hear those more advanced riders/coaches clarify this for me b/c i felt like matter what I did during the school this last time I wasnt "off the seat" the correct amount



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One cheek for me. It allows me to line my body up comfortably on the inside. My spine is with the bike, not crossed up or having that extreme hanging off effect so I'm not weighting the bars at all.


Having a set position allows you to become automatic when setting your BP. It boils down to what's comfortable, but the extreme hanging off is for photo ops. They coached that out of Spies if you look at his GP shots, especially this year.


Half a cheek or a whole one is your option, basically.

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Wouldn't class myself as advanced, but I tend to go for one cheek off, so my crack is on the edge of the seat. I may well have this corrected for me on Tuesday when I get the body position drill during level 2 though. It's something I can locate consistently when I'm on the bike, trying to adjust it an inch or two either side isn't going to have a major impact on my positioning I'd imagine. I guess it depends on exactly how big your butt is too? If you've got a giant one then it will have more of an impact on your positioning wink.gif


I think provided you're not hanging your arse totally off the seat whilst your head is still twisted up the other side of the bike then you can't be too far wrong.

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