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Unusual Tire Wear Suspension Related?

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Hi all, thanks ahead of time for any opinions. First time I have run the Bridgestone "soft" superbike slick, typically I have used the medium. This tire was suggested for our first race weekend of the year as temps were quite cool, 10-13 degrees Celsius (50-55F) I started to develop this wear pattern over the coarse of the weekend. The pictures below are of the tire after 3 more races on it in warmer temps 20-24C (68-75F) a month later.


Tire pressures were set at 27 psi cold. One person commented that it was due to my drive out of one particular corner which I found as a less than desirable response. I have heard someone else say that it may be related to suspension set up. Note our track has only 3 right turns (only 1 spent leaned over, the other 2 are fast doglegs) and 6 Lefts. I have lost 25-30 lbs since I last set the suspension so I'm more inclined to go with this thought.


Chime in!





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