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Supporting Body On Corner Entry

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Right'o, first post so hello all.


Just a simple question really, as i find information on proper corner entry are rare nuggets, exit seems quite simple in theory (obviously not in practice).


Now assuming my lower body is set before i do anything else coming upto a corner, im finding it virtually impossibly to support all my weight without my arms while on the brakes, im using the tank and my core to support as much weight as i can but my arms need to chip in a bit, even during the period when im adding lean angle at the start of the corner and riding the front in, im still having to use my arms to stop myself just face planting due to the engine braking. Is there any secret to keeping my weight off the bar's, as i obviously cant grip with my knee's since one of them is off the bike? Or am i doing it right? At my current pace i can definaetly get away with it but if my technique is wrong as the pace builds, im worried ill wash out the front by giving the front tire more than it can deal with.


As soon as im starting my roll on my arms are loose and no weight is going to the bars, the only time im weighting the bars is when the front tyre is doing the gripping.

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I shift into position usually before or during my braking, moving my cheek over to one side, but keep my knees locked on until I come off the brakes. This way your arms are free to relax a bit more, your knee doesn't need to be out really until you start turning.


If you're at the level where you're trail braking, I'd say you're safe to stick your knee out and transfer some of the braking force to your arms at the point when you start to ease off the brakes and tip the bike in.

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I do the same as Steve. Stay locked in while braking, even with one cheek off. If it's a lower speed corner or real fast one that I'm not going to brake hard on, I can lock in with one knee. I'm in position well before I even start braking. It's actually a RARE site that you'll catch me with my butt on the seat at all. I'll either stay on my left cheek (for example) if I'm coming out of and going into a left hand corner or switch as soon as I come up from a left and am going into a right. Shorter straights, like on Streets where it's a right exit to right entry (as most straights are), I don't even bother putting my butt back on the seat.

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