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I was talking with a mechanic today about motorcycle engine oils.


He recommends a semi-blend but not full synthetic (which can cause clutch slippage but can stand greater temperatures).

He also recommends that I stick to one brand since there are variants in additives, etc from brand to brand.

The last oil change my bike got was full synthetic, because the previous owner of the bike said he switched it to full syn.

I've heard that once you switch to full, you shouldn't switch back to mineral.


My question is: Is it ok to switch to a semi-blend, or should I just keep it with full synthetic? Also, what brand would you recommend (I was planning to use Mobil1 4T racing and stick with that)?


my bike is a 2001 ninja zx6r

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I doubt you'd have any problem with fully synthetic, it's any anti-friction additives like the kind in car oils that cause clutch slip, not the base oil. Yes they do have different additives, no it isn't the end of the world if you mix them, I'd be surprised if you notice any difference to be honest. I would say semi-synth is fine for you, choose your brand, if it's one of the big-name bike oils you can't go wrong. I presonally prefer Motul but it's expesnive, takes a hell of a beating though. If you're in the US I believe a lot of guys swear by AMSOil. The oil is important but as long as you change it on time and there's enough in, you don't need to lose any sleep. Unless you race, stick to the manual schedule for changes, modern oils can take a pounding so road riding and the odd track day is well within their remit.

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