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Husqvarna Rider From India!

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Hi guys!


Is this forum exclusively for supersport and hypersport riders, or are supermotard riders welcome too?


36/m from India who recently got his hands on a 2009 Husqvarana SM-610.


THIS THING CAN CORNER like NOTHING ELSE i've ever owned!!! :D


Recently the superbike school had some sessions in India but unfortunately i wasn't able to attend them. I hope to change that next time around.

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I guess that's the same in any country... I used to think American food could be had at the local McDonalds, KFC, and Hard Rock Cafe, but the first time a dear friend invited me home for a southern-style dinner in Charlotte, i was completely blown away. And I know a lot of americans cringe when i tell them this but I also love GRITS! :D


You ride an S1000RR? Isn't that a handful even around some of the fastest tracks? Especially in Race mode? I got to ride one only once and I came away terrified and shivering, LOL.

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Yeah the authentic home-cooked food is always the best, just a shame that so few visitors to a country never get to experience it properly and spend the whole time eating in restaurants.


The S1000RR is a bit of a beast, I've actually mentioned in other threads on here that I prefer Sport mode, The throttle in race mode just seems a bit too digital and like turning on a light-switch, it requires a bit more finesse than I currently possess. I have yet to experiment with slick mode, but I get the feeling that I'll need to recalibrate a few of my senses if I do. The bike's great for masking how slow I actually am though, I can hang with the faster riders purely down to how quick the bike is laugh.gif

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