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I Have Some Question?


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Hey Guys,


I'm looking into taking a level 1 class in Oct. at Sears Point. Which by the way I'm very excited.

I just don't know what to expect. And the class for Oct. is only a one day class. Does alot of things get covered in a one day class for a level 1 student? How much of that day is class and track time? And for renting the bikes, is insurance covered with the rent of the bike? Or is that extra. And how much is the insurance. I mean I don't plan to go down, but I'm sure it happens. So if anyone could fill me in I would appreciate it. Thanks, Ray

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It sounds to me like you have not actualy signed up yet, most of these questions will be answered for you by Natalie or one of the other girls when you call in.


As for the school day its self you are going to get a pretty even amount of classroom and riding. You will have 5 classrooms and 5 corresponding riding sessions. You will for sure learn alot and have fun. Anyway give the school a call and you can find out everything you need to know.

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This was a topic on one of my forums recently, and to share my humble opinion on the matter...


Go in with an OPEN MIND. Do not try to ride at 100%, or it'll end up being a danged expensive track day. Ride 50-70% and LEARN. The open mind piece... There may be things which you think just don't make sense, or are mind-wash mumbo-jumbo. Do yourself a favor and TRY it... You may be extremely surprised.

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