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Some light on a recent finding.


There has been a previous discussion on the "Helmet And Vision" thread about inserting foam pads into your helmet.

Some may have questions or have questioned compromising protection.


I generally use Shark helmets and have put in a 2 layers of cloth into the forhead liner to alleviate a vision problem when prone, maybe my foreheads too low as everywhere else fit is VERY snug.

I now have 2 AGV GP Techs. one a very snug LRG size and one I got as a bargain in XL. Both have same shell sizes.


I got new large liners for the XL, swopped em out but alas, still sat very low. On stripping the LRG to see the reason, I found

that in the LRG, AGV has placed a 20mm thick low density foam pad (W 60mm x L120mm ) on the Styrafoam-type inner compression material thats run along the top

and a little behind your noggin.


Conclusion: Inserting low density foam + some common sense, doesnt seem to phase AGV or compromise their safety ratings.

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