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Which Gear?

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If I want to start accumulating purpose-built riding gear, what pieces (besides the helmet) should I start with? Also, if I invest in a suit for SoCal canyon-carving & CSS, what are the important things to look for (1 pc, 2 pc, leather/textile, weight, etc...) and how should it fit in the store? Was looking at Sedici Monza 1 pc leathers today, not sure about quality.


I'm 5'11", 215lb, 30" inseam, 36" waist and 34" sleeve right now. Without the gut (like earlier this year), I'm 34-35" waist and 185-190lb, if that helps.



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Budget is the key here I assume... When I bought my track gear I did it this way: Helmet, then gloves + boots, then leather suit + back protector. I was trying to break up the costs and it worked to a small degree. In the long run it probably would've been just as simple to buy all at once, but it would've been painful to see the credit card bill.


I suggest your best bet is to find a big store to try on some gear so you can find which manufacturers fit you best. If that's no option then you'll probably have to guess at what you want based on your budget. If you call and consult with an internet company such as SportbikeTrackGear (http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/StoreFront.bok), then I suspect they could steer you to gear that will give you the best protection for the amount of money you have to spend.

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You're probably going to be around a 44 or 46 (or Euro 54, 56) depending upon cut and style of suit. The problem is that some of the Euro or japanese sizing at 56, might expect someone to be 6'2" tall and have the knee protectors a bit 'off' than where they should be for 1 pc suits.


1 pc vs 2 pc ? Well, a 2pc will be more "convenient:" to use day to day and you can use it on the track if it zips around. And you want to make sure you wear your gear, otherwise its useless. So you may want to consider that as a primary option. If you have available funds and will be going to the track (or CSS classes) often - then a 1pc certainly is better. You can also rent 1pc suits at CSS.


I would get the best gloves and boots you can afford. What you can afford is up to you. In my opinion - not something you want to skimp on. The feet get damaged the easiest in an "event" and is the most difficult to repair or recover from.


I wear back protector all the time with my 1pc or 2pc suits. But that just my choice.

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