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Leon Camier Wins 600 Supersport

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The 600 Supersport in England is every bit as tough as our own series, lots of fast guys racing on really good bikes so here is one guy we helped a bunch and I made a statement to Road Racing World so I thought you all might be interested.


California Superbike School student Leon Camier wins British Supersport round at Thruxton


Keith Code--


?Leon is doing great. We had him as a student last year when I was in Spain at Almeria and after that his sponsors decided to send him over for one of our Code R.A.C.E. programs last Fall, that?s when I started working with him one-on-one. He was already pretty quick but like lots of talented riders he wasn?t consistent and that is what we worked on.


Leon crashed in the first round two weeks ago at Brands Hatch and wound up fourth in that one but yesterday he won a convincing victory over the field. I?m starting to have some fun again training racers.


Our school director in the UK, Andy Ibbott, has been working with a 125 GP rider named Thomas Luthi. He was leading the 125 GP in Jerez by 3 seconds last weekend and had a mechanical with 7 laps to go so we almost had an international podium the same weekend with another of our one-on-one students.


To be honest, I think what we teach is effective up to around 175 hp bike and tire combinations. I can see what Rossi and the MotoGP guys are doing and I can appreciate it but I don?t fully understand it like I do 600s, 125s and Superbikes. Maybe I can get a GP ride and find out!?

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