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Rear Tire Slide


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Now this question comes from my previous set up question I slid my tire in a couple of turns at about 60, 70 in 3rd just cruisin but I was wondering is that a sign of excessive lean angle I dont think it was engine braking I had slowed down alot I'm on a mountain I'm not trying overtake a corner. Also my freind was on f4i 600 and we ran into another one and they just walked away from me is that because of the 600's cornering vs my beast of a tlr and would a gixxer 1000 perform better than my beast. I'm having thoughts since it feels like if I'm not hanging off the bike it won't turn even the simplest low speed corners.

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There are many things that can cause a rear wheel slide. Too much lean angle, too much throttle, poor setup, bad tires, tire pressures too high.


Most of the time it's a combination of the above. I'd tell you to do a couple things.

1. Make sure you have some static sag in the rear end. In a corner, under acceleration, the rear end will lift, and if it reaches the top of the shock, it has nowhere to go and can induce a slide.

2. Pick the bike up a little before getting hard on the gas.


Be very careful on corners that crest hills or have bumps. They unload the suspension and will have the bike wash out from under you.


An inline 4 will be an entire different animal from your big twin. The handling on most modern 600's is better than the TL out of the box. A GSXR-1k would probably handle a lot better, but your throttle control better be spot-on, as they have GOBS of power. Yes, I realize your TL has massive torque, but again, it's different, and the 1k inline 4 can be a monster...

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