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Lighter Bikes And Heavy Wind


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I noticed not too long ago that even while wearing a 1pc suit and not sitting straight up but somewhat upright this bike is way more affected by the wind then my CBR was. I know my 675 race bike is going to be a lot lighter but I didn't expect the wind to have such a drastic affect on it. I am not tightening up on the bars making it worse, just crosswind really seems to push the bike around. The faster your going the more minute movements become amplified, my question is when riding these race bikes in more windy days how do keep from either SR's triggering or having the wind push you around too much?


When I rode my CBR from CA to MN I did experience a pretty heavy crosswind that literally threw me off, my left foot slipped off the peg and I lost my balance a little bit but recovered quickly. It only affected me so much because I was riding upright in chill mode one handed and it just came out of nowhere. I am used to gusty winds but not on such a lighter bike.

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some bikes are a little more succeptable to side winds than others, you'll also discover certain circuits are worse than others too. The problem is also magnified by speed too.


I don't believe there is a magic fix to be relaxed with respect to this problem, but I'd certainly suggest building up your speed down the straights gradually if you know it's a very windy day. the gradual increase in performance will aid the minds ability to feel more relaxed, rather than trying to go as fast as possible straight away.



Beyond that, all the usual drills we apply to being relaxed apply still. think about how you're supporting yourself, could you do more to remove that grip on the bars? Are you checking to see if you really are elaxed? are you breathing properly (you'd be amazed how a bit of anxiety can cause havoc with this problem).


Hope this helps,




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I am not tightening up on the bars, I just give it a little slight push on the bars (not downward) to counteract the wind pushing the bike. I am not getting all tensed up or scared just threw me off how much more this bike is pushed around more then I am used to.


Of course it is always possible that since it's new to me I could be a little more weary about it causing either a mental SR or physical like being tighter on the bars then I am suspecting but I wasn't riding real hard just cruising around on some back roads by the house.

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