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Recommended Tracks Based On Level

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any tracks you guys would not recommend for level 3/4?


I did Big Willow 2 day course last month in Oct...........best thing I ever did. Big Willow was amazing purely for the speed of the long sweeping corners but as one of my friends said (who did level 3&4 that day), its not quite as technical as Streets of Willow purely for the amount of corners it has for you to practise your drills on.

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I was also at the schools 2 day Camp over at Big Willow, and like you I'm really glad I got the opportunity to do it, I noticed a good drop in my lap times at streets after riding on the big track for 2 days. That said I believe the 2 day camp at big willow was a once in a blue moon kinda thing, A cursory glance at the 2013 schedule shows they are not headed back, and I recall Cobie mentioning that the school hadn't been there in probably over a decade.


I don't think anyone would "not recommend" any of the tracks the school attends, but as your friend pointed out, from a technical and teaching perspective, Streets Of Willow is hard to beat.



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