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Race School Suggestion

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Now that the 2013 schedule is out I want to try and get my money in order for the first 2day camp and LVMS in Feb. This would be my first time attending the school so I would be doing 1&2 obviously. The 2013 race season starts in May roughly.


This will be my first race season as well coming up and for CCS they allow the CODE RACE school to qualify as one of the new rider qualifications for a license. I was thinking I would take levels 1&2 and then the RACE school....would levels 1&2 provide enough of a base to work off of for the RACE school?


What difference is their between the RACE school and say a club racing new rider race school that costs only a fraction of the price?

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I think the biggest difference off the bat would be the fellow students, The new racer school will be all new racers, at the CSS Race School there are a lot of much more experienced racers honing their skills, and of course Joe Roberts making the rest of the field look slow. My experience from watching the Race School last month was the slowest rider on the track was lapping about the pace of the fastest rider on the track during a normal school day, and you should be comfortable being passed very closely cause it looked like the rules went from "6 foot clean passes" to "just don't hit each other"

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