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I don't know how much carry capacity your bike has but its my guess that you will need more than the bike. You can have a friend bring your excess stuff or you can trailer the bike but you will need stuff. At a bare minimum, you will need gas cans. I typically bring a full tank of gas in my bike plus three 2.5 gallon cans...just to be sure (ran out once at Watkins Glen). If you don't use it all, you pour the reamining gas into your tow vehicle (or follow vehicle)'s gas tank.


You may need some tools - to tighten things, to fix things, to change things. Think about what you may want to adjust and plan accordingly.


I don't know the set up at Blackhawk Farms but regardless, the sun can become an issue. I usually bring a folding chair, sun screen, hat and Gatorade even though the School provides all the water you could want.


You also want to be prepared for rain. I bring an inexpensive rain suit that is purposely oversized so it fits over my leathers - the School does run in the rain and riding in wet leathers can be uncomfortable. Also, if you ride to the track, you will probably wear your leathers on the commute but wearing the suit all day long can be a bit uncomfortable as the day progresses. Some students take off their suits between sessions or at least the tops if they are wearing two piece suits.


Finally, a change of clothes for the trip home is always a more comfortable way to end your day. You will work up a sweat at the School in each of your sessions so after five full track sssions plus off track drills, you will be soaked (gets pretty hot in Chicago by Memorial Day doesn't it?)


Good Luck and have fun!



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