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I plan on attending the firebird raceway 1 day school for level 1. I was just wondering is there any machinery I would use other than my bike that would require a deposit?I am also in process of repairing my bike from several spills I really want to get to this school if my plastics suffer from serious roadrash but on tight is that okay or do I need to fix those too?How long does it usually take to reach code race program?Whats the fastest anyone has moved through all the levels?And the last one which I doubt will happen because I'm not a quitter has anyone (who has decent riding skills I realize some people can't even drive down the street without having a panic attack) ever not been able to come to grasp with the teaching?Does the classrom translate as easy as TOTW2? I love that book.

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Lots of questions here 03. I won't touch the tech or deposit questions you raise, those are for someone from the School to answer but some of them I will try to respond to:


How long does it usually take to reach code race program?
I believe you can register on their web site right now. The next CodeRACE program is in November I think.
Whats the fastest anyone has moved through all the levels?
Four Levels -Four Days. No shortcuts here. I recently spent two days at Pocono and there was a student who attended all four days the School held classes. Four Levels - Four Days.
has anyone ...ever not been able to come to grasp with the teaching?
You'll need an answer from the School for that one.
Does the classroom translate as easy as TOTW2?

At School You will quickly see that the learning is more that what's in the book(s). You will start your day in the classroom where Keith himself will give you both an overview and then specific drills that you need to focus on when you hit the track.

At the end of each track session, you will meet with your instructor and get debriefed on what the instructor observed from following you (or leading you) and then you go back into class. Keith will give you more instruction and a new drill that you will couple with the previous drill and the day builds upon itself. It is a very progressive learning cirriculum and one of the chief reasons why it takes at least four days to get through all four levels.

Unless you are a very gifted rider, you will quickly see that despite your best efforts at self translation of Keith's books, attending the School is the fastest way to unlock these published "secrets". If reading it was all it took, we would all be Rossi's


Good Luck!


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Thanks for the information thats cool 4 days 4 levels it can be done. So I take it code race isn't restricted to a certain level in the school I thought you had to complete them all in order to enjoy that.I'm 27 and trying to make it to atleast 1 race by the time I'm 35 it's just a goal that I've always had.I feel I can race considering I've only owned and rode my bike for 5months and already hang with the guys in the canyon I want to go faster but in a safer enviroment. The school seems to be setup to be a good track coach to help along with the process. Once again thanks for the info I'll be putting a budget together to get to school asap.

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I have a question i hope you guys can help me with. What is the main difference between the two day camp and the code race? I know that code race aims a little more on racing but thats it? Im not new to riding, been riding for 6 yrs but never raced on track or got a knee down. Im not scared to go fast in a turn either so would it be better for me to go to 2 day or code race?

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The 2 day camp will put you through 2 levels.


The code race school is a race school designed for racers or those who are intending to become racers.


If you're not racing, personally, I'd tell you to go through the 2 day camp.


Master what the 4 levels have to offer and then check out the code race school.


Just my $.02

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Guest Guest

Yes im trying to learn racing techniques so i guess the code race would be more for me but do they use the bikes such as lean/slide bike etc etc in the code race? i dont want to bust up the rental without first getting used to dragging my knee.

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I have to agree with JeF4y's opinion; having attended both, there is a significant difference between the two.


CodeRACE is targeted for riders who are already racing or are getting ready to race - it is focused and intense!


TheTwo Day Camp is like attending the individual schools but on steroids.


If you are very proficient in your track skills and want to turn up the wick, then CodeRACE may make sense. If you fit this description than you need not read any further. BTW, in April of '04, when I attended, Roger Lee Hayden was there. In '05, I believe Doug Chandler was there. The pace is VERY fast at CodeRACE.


If you are a student of Keith Code's cornering theories but are still learning how to fully integrate them into your riding, the 2-day camp would be my recommendation. The 2-day camp has a limited enrollment so the Coach/Student ratio is low. There are only two groups so you ride - a lot! You will ride your butt off. You will have video shot of your riding (more than once) so you can actually see what your riding looks like. I guarantee that if you have never seen yourself on video, this will be an eye opening experience. You will still learn the same training tools that are taught in the regular school but at a much more intensive way.


In summary, you're asking for a comparison between apples and oranges - they are both very good - but they are not the same.


Good luck with your choice.



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In my humble opinion, if you've never dragged a knee and are not extremely confident/comfortable in your skills, you are probably not ready for code race school (perhaps the CSS team will correct me if I'm wrong).


Don't for one second think that the 2 day camp is for new riders.


I've been riding for almost 30 years, and have been racing exclusively for the last 5 years, and learned a LOT in the 2 day camp I attended last year.

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