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The Tale Of Two Tapes

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On the Honda RVF400 race bike, I have two strips of white tape on the tacho. They indicate the lower and upper power limits of the bikes 'power band' (rev range where the bike produces the best power).


As the bike is easily affected by wind direction and force, due to its power to weight ratio problems (its power 50hp, and my weight 80+kilos) having correct gearing is very important and can easily change during the day. So descisions on gearing changes, are based on where the bike is pulling in various corners and down the straights (my gearing chart can be found here ).


And, as I don't have a speedo, it also helps to indicate if my corner exit speed is better than previous times (includes top speed on straights).


Using the tale of the two tapes, a quick glance at the tacho tells me all I need to know, without taking too much of my attention.


Hope you find this as much help as I do.



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