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Hi From Saudi Arabia

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Hi everyone, Im from Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, I have been riding my bike for 2 years which is Suzuki GN125H.


I used to ride it when I was in university, from & to university & home, with my classmate. Like enyone,


wants to improve my riding, try sport bike and plan to race champions. hope to find my place in australia


(Phillip Island).


Good Luke.

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Welcome to the forum's Saddeeq


I'm curious how is the riding In Saudi Arabia ? I know the MotoGP race in Qatar is plagued by dust and sand on the track, are the roads in Riyadh the same ? are there many twisty windy roads over there ?



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Thanks, and I hope to see you here in Saudi Arabia. The roads in Saudi are prety nice for sport bike or any


bike (Riyadh's highways) even inside the city you'll find riding is nice there. Sands & Camels too crossing


highways outside the city. So you should be carefull on the speed. There is one circut in Riyadh (Al-Reem),


you can see few bikes (Drag Race) I think. I admit that this sport is uncommon here.




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